My name is Liz Clarke and I teach topics related to business communication and project management at Centennial College (Toronto, ON).

Currently, I am researching and writing on these topics for future publication. To help me get the most current feedback on “all things communication”, I have asked my business network to read and respond to these posts. Some comments provided here may be re-purposed in future publication, with credit to original authors. Therefore, it is critical that commentors leave their actual name and email address so they can be contacted for verification and permissions. You may select a user name that is anonymous. Real names and email addresses are not visible in comments.

All salient discussion is welcome. Because of the nature of the publication I am working on,  input from Canadian commentors, specifically, is most useful.

Thanks in advance to all who are interested in helping out. Sayonara to any hackers and trolls who might make this project more challenging. 🙂

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